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Whether talking to an assembly, a classroom, or via Skype, the time Drake Schaberg spends with your students is sure to be the most entertaining, informative and enlightening part of their school year. The Alphamals' creator inspires elementary students of all ages to read, write, think, and draw. More importantly, his age-and-skill specific techniques make it possible for every participant to develop their own characters and stories! Drake's creative imagination process encourages students to take a break from consuming and start producing.


Group Presentations - 30 min

An interactive talk that includes an introduction to the Alphamals and their world. Students discover how drawing inspiration from real-world animals, geography, and ecosystems can take their creativity to new levels. The talk includes a journey through the history of the Alphamals, during which they'll enjoying see how the characters have evolved. The session culminates with the interactive creation of a meature using simple shapes.


Classroom Presentations - 45 min

An interactive discussion that provides a more intimate and in-depth look at the Alphamals' world. Ideal for 4th-6th graders, this talk includes easy-to-implement strategies that each student can put into practice immediately to strength his or her writing, drawing and storytelling skills. The students also take part in the creation of a meature and are encouraged to build their own worlds fueled by their imagination. A Q&A session—which is sure to be filled with many raised hands—concludes the visit.


Skype Presentations - 45 min

No matter where in the world you and your students call home, the opportunity to digitally bring Drake into your classroom will not disappoint. The use of screen sharing allows your students to work with Drake in story development to character creation to drawing tips that students can try out in real-time and get feedback on. Even though there may be 500 or 5,000 miles between them, Drake's fun and practical methods will inspire and engage students your students from beginning to end.



Each presentation is tailored to fit each school's curriculum and your students’ needs. The interactive sessions evolve as they go along, which helps ensure that every student stays engaged and comes away with valuable lessons. The subjects below can be presented by themselves or combined—whatever suits your classroom best.


The Writing Process

Everyone has a different writing process, and this presentation is all about exploring different ways to inspire students to find their style. Drake shares the techniques he uses while writing the Alphamals chapter books and how he discovered unique strategies to keep the process moving. This session dives deep into the four stages—pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing.




Drawing is an essential tool that enables students to brainstorm and conceive new ideas. During this fast-paced session, students discover that squares, circles, and triangles are all it takes to start drawing! Drake and the students create a character together using these simple shapes. He then demonstrates simple methods to modify and refine the drawing. He also explains the importance of research and reference to enforce each student's mental drawing database.



Story Development

Storytelling is an art form that brings life to our ideas and allows us to share them with others. Yes, structuring a story is essential, but a great story also includes mystery, exciting plot twists, intriguing characters, clever humor, etc. In this session, Drake and the students explore and come to understand the anatomy of what makes a “page-turner” story using the Alphamals’ world as an example.



Character Creation

Creating an interesting character is exciting, empowering, and full of laughs! Drake shares the creative methods he uses to draw, name, and describe characters. He encourages students to observe the world around them, take inspiration from everyday life, then pick up a pencil, crayon, or tablet and become a creator!



3D Visualizing

Creating 3D models is one of the best ways to visualize what our imagination conjures up. The process literally brings a new dimension to the creative process! Drake and students work together to create an environment or character in 3D. This inspires students to bring their ideas to life and helps with their critical thinking.



The Power of Revising

Let’s be real: revisions are daunting. However, great stories aren't written, they're rewritten. What's more, revising a story or drawing can be immensely rewarding. The Alphamals have seen many revisions over their lifetime and have only improved from the process. In this session geared for older students, Drake uses the creation and evolution of the Alphamals' world to encourage and motivate students to push their ideas further through the power of revisions!




Group Presentation

Classroom Presentation


Meature Creation

Meature Creation is interactive, creative, thought provoking, inspiring, exciting, and full of laughter. Using basic shapes—circles, squares, triangles—Drake demonstrates the possibilities with shapes everyone knows how to draw. The entire class works together with Drake to build their own unique meautures, which is why every visit is always different! Drake challenges the students to think creatively while pulling from observation and research. 

  • " Students who enjoy detailed story-telling, a unique artistic style, and adventurous accounts of colorful characters would benefit from reading the Alphamals’ books and/or taking part of one of Drake’s presentations. "
    — 4th Grade Teacher | Williamston, MI
  • " I’ve seen today some of my students that I need to engage most be a part (of the presentation), and sitting on top of their desks, and getting as close as they could to the presentation. "
    — 5th Grade Teacher | Williamston, MI
  • " Drake’s quality of work and playful method of bringing his own childhood world to life are sure to inspire generations of imaginative readers to come! "
    — Kindergarten Teacher | Boulder, CO
  • " I’ve seen today some of my students that I need to engage most be a part (of the presentation), and sitting on top of their desks, and getting as close as they could to the presentation. "
    — 5th Grade Teacher | Williamston, MI

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