Alphamals: The Explore's Guide

Alphamals: The Explore's Guide


Written and Illustrated by Drake Schaberg

Get to know all 26 Alphamals... and their world!

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Alphamals: The Explorer's Guide is a masterfully-illustrated visual encyclopedia that delves deep into the world of the Alphamals. Children and their parents will marvel at the attention to detail that brings this new world to life. There is simply no better way to get to know the Alphamal characters, their habitats, and the creatures that share their massive island home.

The Explorer's Guide delivers far more than a regular encyclopedia. It's a fun, wondrous twist on the time-honored ABC book that's designed with children of all ages in mind. Younger children will enjoy learning the alphabet and smiling at the drawings, while older children will love digging deep into the Alphamals' world.

Although fiction, its predecessor, Alphamals: The Beginner's Guide, has been used in elementary school classrooms as a learning tool. Science, math, creative writing, and problem-solving concepts are all integrated into this book.

Parents, your children will read this book over and over and over; teachers, this book provides hours and hours of teachable content and imagination-stretching stimulation. Librarians, you will not be able to keep this book on your shelves.

Keeping The Explorer's Guide close at hand while reading Under the Overlook provides the most immersive and satisfying reading experience possible!

Pages: 128

ISBN: 978-0-9857178-1-0

LCCN: 2017915192