Under The Overlook

Under The Overlook


Written and Illustrated by Drake Schaberg

Under the Overlook is the first chapter book in the Alphamals series.

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An experiment has gone horribly wrong.

The Alphamals’ island is on the verge of ruin…

and no one has a clue.

While the Alphamals begin to settle into their new homes on their mysterious island, Allieater, the ultimate homebody who craves adventure but is too timid to go on one, discovers that his best friend Frox has gone missing. Allieater must leave the safety of his home and venture across the island to find her.

As his journey unfolds, he discovers how little he knows about the world the Alphamals inhabit—one full of wondrous places, dangerous creatures, and brilliant enemies. Join Allieater and his friends as they race to uncover and stop an experiment that threatens to change the island forever.

Pages: 328

Word Count: 67,254

ISBN: 978-0-9857178-2-7

LCCN: 2017915193